We Answer Frequently Asked Questions

The data that our reefer equipment records is confidential and for Verbena internal eyes only. However, customers are more than welcome to place their own data recorder in with the cargo. In these instances placement is crucial to the accuracy of information and we would recommend the use of more than one such recorder.

This is entirely dependent on the specific nature of the hazardous cargo. There are some consignments we will not carry, either on legal, ethical or environmental grounds. Contact Verbena office for further clarification.

If your cargo is not one of those prohibited, then Verbena will be happy to transport it.  We have experienced teams that can help you through the whole transportation process.

Yes. Verbena has an extensive inventory of containers including 20’, 40’ and high cube boxes.

With a reasonable amount of notice, we will always do our best to accommodate this sort of request. Check with your nearest Verbena office for the cut-off point for such requests (e.g. 12pm the day prior to the day of delivery).