About Us

Welcome to Verbena Freight and Logistics Management.
Established in 1996 as a Freight Management Solution, Third party Logistics and Supply Chain Provider we have grown to greater heights in the transportation sector. We now operate worldwide across land, sea and air. We are born problem solvers we live and breathe the big shipments. Thanks to a wealth of in-house expertise and experience, we’re trusted worldwide to move your cargo wherever it needs to go on time and on budget.
For ease and smooth flow of business, our sister company, Verbena Freight and Logistics Management in South Africa provides administration for all business conducted in South Africa.
Our fleet comprises of Freight Liners, Volvo and International Trucks with Superlink trailers. The entire fleet has satellite tracking with fleet management for up to date tracking requirements.
Our drivers possess a vast experience stretching more than 18 years. They have a high degree of professionalism, reliability, punctuality and excellent customer service skills. All our drivers are trained to perform minor repairs on the vehicles that they drive. This gives assurance no delays will be caused by minor problems on the vehicles.
When a fault is too big for the driver to handle, we have our workshop team always ready to get the truck up and running in no time. Our mechanics have reached the master level in mechanics and are experts in their respective lines.

Verbena Management Team

Roy Muleya

Our attitude at Verbena is - let’s get the job done!! This forms our company’s philosophy & resolve to provide straightforward & easy to use solutions to the most complex of problems, utilizing established lines of communications & realistic costing.

Hi, I’m Roy Muleya, the founder and current managing director of Verbena Logistics and Freight Management. I have vast experience in shipping and transport logistics extending over 20 years. My promise to you is the same as I’ve made to more than 50 clients we are serving:

We promise world class customer service and small town customer care.

Ruth Dhliwayo

Ruth Dhliwayo is the General Manager at Verbena Freight and Logistics Management.

She worked as a Revenue Specialist for Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for a decade before she joined the team in 2006. Ruth holds a BComm degree in Transport and Logistics (Cum Laude) with University of South Africa, and also completed the Master of Business Leadership(MBL) program with the UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership. She is a member of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).

Elaine Subramoney

Elaine Subramoney is the manager of the office and depot located in Johannesburg and is responsible for all the operations, administration and compliance issues related to the South African market.

She has been with the team since 2011 and has vast experience in the Transport and Logistics Industry.

Through strategic management and proactive implementation, Elaine maintains mutually beneficial client interactions. Having in-depth knowledge on clients’ expectations, she warrants flawless business operations and ensures timely transit of goods. She strives and is focused on maintaining a solid record of cost efficiency and profitability coupled with safety and loss prevention. Elaine has exceptional organizational and communication skills to resolve issues.

Operations Team

Serena Govender

Serena is our Johannesburg branch based operation liaison. She is responsible for load planning, dispatching, tracking our fleet and ensuring their timeous arrival at various destinations. Serena has excellent communication skills and possesses 8 years experience in cross border logistics/exports, and all this aids her to handle problem solving efficiently.